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Otis Technology 1000 All Caliber Cleaning Patches - FG-919-1M


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Otis Technology 1000 All Caliber Cleaning Patches - FG-919-1M.

Otis technology all-caliber cleaning patches are an excellent cleaning accessory that work equally well with virtually any size weapon. Most patches are designed to fit only a certain caliber of rifle, shotgun, or handgun, but Otis technology has developed a patch that fits all calibers and gauges. Every firearm ranging from 22 caliber rifles to 10 gauge shotguns can be cleaned using this Otis technology cleaning kit. Otis all caliber patches can be used up to six times and are 100% cotton, making them highly absorbent with all sorts of solvents and lubricants. These unique cleaning kits offer 360 degrees of cleaning coverage and can be attached to any cleaning rod with a slotted tip. Depending on your needs, you can purchase these universal patches in 100, 1000, or 10,000 count packs. Otis technology all-caliber patches are the universal cleaning patches that don't have to be cut down or measured for size, whether you're cleaning a 10 gauge shotgun or a 357 Magnum handgun.

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