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Magazine Capacity Laws

This is not a complete list regarding magazine capacity laws.  Please verify that these laws are up-to-date and that your order is legal for your specific location.

  • California - over 10 rounds must have high capacity permit
  • Colorado - cannot excede 15 rounds
  • Hawaii - handgun magazines cannot excede 10 rounds; shotgun capacities cannot excede 8 rounds; no limit on rifle magazines
  • Illinois - Chicago cannot excede 12 rounds
  • Maryland - cannot excede 20 rounds
  • Massachusetts - cannot excede 10 rounds
  • New Jersey - cannot excede 15 rounds
  • New York - over 7 rounds must have high capacity permit
  • Ohio - cannot excede 30 rounds
  • Washington D.C. - cannot excede 10 rounds

This list is not exhaustive and local laws might vary by county or city within a state.  Please verify before ordering.