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Caldwell E-MAX Low Profile Electronic Hearing Protection 23 NRR, Pink - 487111


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Caldwell E-MAX Low Profile Electronic Hearing Protection 23 NRR, Pink - 487111.

The line of Caldwell Shooting Supplies Low Profile E-max hearing protection combines great circuitry with a low profile ear cup that is ideal for shotgun and action shooters. The line of hearing protection uses advanced technology to amplify certain sounds and block out loud noises. The two microphones in the E-max muffs amplify sound below 85 decibels, which includes normal communication, range commands and environmental sounds. Above 85 decibels, the microphones instantly shut off to protect the shooters hearing. Two microphones, one in each cup, give the user true stereo sound and allow the user to identify the directional source of a sound. The Green Low Profile ear muffs are versatile for for all your shooting needs. The Mossy Oak Break Up Ear-Muffs are perfect for shooting at the range or while out hunting. The Green Behind the Head Electronic Hearing Protection E-Max muffs are ideal for those who do not to wear muffs over the top of their head and were designed with comfort in mind. The Pink E-Max Low Profile Ear Muffs are perfect for lady shooters and children who prefer pink. This pink hearing protection from Caldwell has the same durability and excellent construction as the other colors. Audio jack allows input from your phone or MP3 player. Runs on two AAA batteries.

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